Outdoor carpets

Who says carpets are only designed to cover your floor inside of your home? Yes, most people associate carpets with their living room or bedroom. They think about putting it in front of a fire place where they sit down and drink wine while eating chocolate…ok we got carried away. But just one quick question – who will clean that wine spill land that chocolate stain after you? Well you won’t have that concern when you place a carpet outside. Now think about that visit you had at your cousin’s house and he had a rug on the porch. Or maybe that boat rental place that dragged the boats on that soft surface. Yes, outdoor carpets are a thing and a pretty useful one to be honest.

  • They are hard to fade
  • Absorb water
  • Very durable
  • Really add character

They have plenty of uses outside but most of them are more practical rather than just an accessory. Keeping them clean can be a little bit challenging though. They will get dirty in so many ways that you mind will be blown. These carpets require different techniques in order to be maintained properly. The good thing is that you can get really crazy with them. You don’t have to simply dry-clean them. You can soak them up and dry them aggressively. Leaf blowers need to be used on them along with vacuum cleaners as well as buffers. These machines are a necessity when you own an outdoor carpet. If stains get pretty bad and if heavy dirt settles in you might need to pressure-wash them or scrub mercilessly. Often times you will need to resort to hiring a professional cleaning company because conventional methods will simply not suffice. You should also plan on how to secure it on the ground. Some carpets need to be nailed down and they can’t be just glued.

Place it at a convenient spot

But where exactly can it go? Porches and patios are an excellent location. The carpet will give these areas some cosiness and comfort. It can be also picked to look like fake grass. The green colour is a perfect idea and it simply looks very charming when a table and chairs are spread on it. This will also give you some extra space for your kids to play on. It will also surely impress your guests and relatives when they come over.

You can also use an outdoor carpet for business purposes

Businesses can also use outdoor carpets in many ways. As mentioned above kayak and canoe rentals can greatly benefit from using such a rug. It will allow workers to carry and actually drag boats across the surface without them scratching it. When kayaks are washed puddles will not be formed as the carpet will absorb all the water. Unlike a house carpet this outdoor one is designed in such a way that it won’t get soggy when wet. It will also prevent the ground from getting hot under the sun light and the workers can walk barefoot on it.
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