An Easy DIY Recipe For A Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

DATE: April 17, 2021

AUTHOR: Joanne Graves

A lot of homemade floor cleaners have one ingredient in common – vinegar. Of course, vinegar is an amazing cleaner and can be used all around your home, however, when it comes to cleaning floors there are certain surfaces that shouldn’t be cleaned with vinegar because it’s extremely acidic and will… damage your floor.

For example, if you have marble or granite floors (or kitchen counters) then vinegar will damage them. This is why it’s important to stay away from any cleaners containing vinegar or any other acidic ingredient (like lemon).

What To Use Them?

This is the main reason why I decided to switch up my floor cleaner and stopped using vinegar. There are so many other amazing natural ingredients out there that you can use which will provide amazing results and will be gentle.

You might be wondering what else can you use… is there any ingredient out there that is just as powerful as vinegar and will clean as good? Yes, and this ingredient is called Castile soap.

Castile soap is a vegetable-based soap that removes dirt, grease, and even bacteria. It’s not acidic nor is it harsh making it the perfect cleaner for every surface – even the fragile ones.

How I Make My Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner?

In a large bucket add 2 tablespoons of the Castile soap and 5 drops of your favourite essential oil then fill the bucket with hot water. Grab a mop and gently stir the ingredients so they mix well.

Then cover the floors in your home. Once you clean everything – pour out the cleaner and replace it with just warm water. You would need to “rinse” the floors and get rid of the cleaner. Dip a clean mop in the bucket of water and cover the floors once again.

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