Cleaning Grout

DATE: July 10, 2014


Tile grout is susceptible to mould, discolouration, grime build up, scaling and what not. Tile grout is also notoriously hard to clean. Nevertheless, grout lines cannot be left dirty and unattended as this would ruin the entire look of your otherwise good looking tiled surfaces.

Grout cleaning pros:

-it keeps tiled surfaces looking better and brighter;

-clean grouts mean fewer bacteria and germs;

-clean grouts allow for less fungal growth in damp areas;

Grout cleaning cons:

-grout can be damaged by aggressive solvents;

-grout can be physically broken or cracked during cleaning;

-cleaning products may discolour grout lines;

Whether or not you clean the tile grout, is up to you, should you decide to do it, here is what you need to know:

-clean grout effectively using dishwashing liquid and toothpaste, the dishwashing liquid will dissolve stains, toothpaste will cut through tough grime as it acts as a mild abrasive, apply both with a sponge.

-alternatively clean grout using a mild soap and warm water solution, work it into a plastic bristle brush and apply in short, sharp motions along grout lines.

-mix three cups of bicarb soda to one cup of water and apply the mixture to grout using a sponge, leave the solution for a few minutes then rinse generously using warm water, if blemishes are still visible you might have to do to some scrubbing using the same solution.

-when cleaning grout and tiles, mix half a cup of baking soda, one third cup of ammonia, quarter cup of white vinegar and seven cups of water, mix well in a spray bottle and apply to the wall, scrubbing is done only when necessary though it is recommended, wipe off the solution using a sponge and rinse off the tiled surface if needed.

-when grout is in bad shape, or there is heaps of mould clean it using bleach paste, the paste is made of quarter cup of bleach, three quarters cup of baking soda, mix the solution well and apply to grout using a sponge, USE gloves when working with bleach.

-when grout is not in bad shape go with something milder like lemon juice paste, mix lemon juice to baking soda, texture should be paste, apply using an old toothbrush as it works best, optionally you can mix lemon juice with salt and do the same.

In all cases, it is recommended to seal your tile grouts after most cleaning treatments.

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