Cleaning Wine Stains off Carpet

DATE: June 25, 2012



All carpets, either natural or synthetic are susceptible to staining. Even carpets with stain resistant properties still suffer from staining, though not as much as regular carpets. Red wine is perhaps one of the carpets’ worst enemies and stains are notoriously hard to remove.

Dealing effectively with red wine stains on the carpet involves quick reaction, the right products and a bit of elbow grease.


-Quick reaction is crucial if you are to save your carpets from heavy, red wine staining. It is best to treat the stain immediately so it doesn’t become permanent.

-If you don’t have time to deal with the stain in full, try and keep the carpet damp as much as possible until you get around to the task. Remember – damp, not wet.

Dry organic stains, especially wine will become almost impossible to remove.


-It is all in the wrist they say. Carpet stain removal is no exception. Blot the stain with a damp soft cloth, but never scrub the stain. Scrubbing will only drive the stain deeper.

-Work your way inwards not outwards, in other words start blotting from the edges of the stain and work toward the middle, not the other way around as you will spread the stain further out.


Wine stains are best treated using specially formulated stain removers, pick the most suitable one for your carpet and follow the application instructions very carefully.

-It is possible to remove red wine stains using white wine, though this would not be suitable in the case of carpet but rather on clothing, nevertheless you can try it if all else has failed.

-if the stain is small and still fresh opt for blotting it out with water, sometimes water works like a charm on some stains.

NB: Remember to always pre-test your selected cleaning solution on an out of sight area of the carpet to see if there will be any ill effects.

Alternative cleaning solutions:

mix one teaspoon of mild, neutral Ph detergent with a cup of warm water and blot the stain until it is gone.

-mix one third cup of white vinegar to two thirds cup of water and blot the stain.

You can also apply both of these alternative methods sequentially for better results and complete stain removal.

If using a sponge, remember to wash it well after each application as you don’t want to spread the stain further out. But we suggest calling an experienced cleaner at this point.

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