How can you keep your tile floors clean at all time

DATE: June 18, 2019

AUTHOR: Joanne Graves

If you have tile floors you know how easily they get dirty. And when they are dirty their shine goes away and with that – all of the charm tile floors provide. Appearance aside, your floor needs to be clean at all times since it’s very unhealthy to have dirt and germs all over your home. Here I have some tips that you can use that will keep your floor cleaner for longer.

Tile floors are actually pretty hard to clean. Once the dirt is where it holds pretty tightly to the floor. Not even mopping it will be able to fully get rid of it. You need to scrub it pretty hard with a brush or just reach out to a cleaning company like to resolve this problem for you.

Regardless of how you clean your floors – with professional help or not, if you want to maintain it clean for longer you should follow these steps.

  • Don’t wear shoes inside

This is probably the number one reason why your floors are always dirty. When you wear the same shoes inside that you wear when you are out you will end up spreading everything from the outside in your home – dirt, germs, etc. This is very unhygienic. Instead, try having shoes that are only for the inside. Once you walk in your home take your shoes off and put on your indoor shoes.

  • Put doormats in front of the doors

The doormat will trap a significant amount of the dirt on your shoes and will minimize it.

  • Vacuum

Once a week, at least. A simple vacuum session will reduce dirt build-up which is pretty hard to be removed.

  • Put a bath mat

You need a bath mat right in front of your tub. Just imagine water in combination with dirt on the floor. Not a pleasant combination.

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