How To Clean Your Upholstery: The Only Guide You Need To Follow!

DATE: December 18, 2020

AUTHOR: Joanne Graves

Many people assume that upholstery is hard to clean which is why they tend to stay away from this cleaning task. This forces them to neglect their sofa which means only one thing – it’s a giant pile of dirt, dust, germs, body-liquids, and all sorts of other impurities!

Yes, upholstery (just like everything else in your home) gets dirty. It absorbs dirt and dust as well as other impurities. It’s also a huge magnet for bacteria which is why cleaning it is so important!

But I am here today to tell you that cleaning upholstery can be very easy. All you need to know is what fabric it is made out of so that you can determine how to take proper care of it and avoid damage!

And don’t worry – all of the tips and tricks I am about to tell you are approved by cleaning experts –

How I Clean My Upholstery?

I normally start off with vacuuming the upholstery I want to clean. It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning your couch or the seats in your car – you need to start with vacuuming. That way you will remove any crumbs, dirt, hairs, and larger debris which haven’t penetrated deep into the fabric and are staying on the surface.

Then I continue with using my homemade upholstery spray. Yes! I make my own upholstery cleaner! It’s super easy – and I will tell you the exact recipe I follow!

How I make the upholstery spray?

This spray should be used only on fabric and faux leather upholstery!

In a spray bottle, I mix half a cup of distilled white vinegar with a cup of water and I add a teaspoon of Castile liquid soap. I give the bottle a shake so that everything can mix properly – and that is all!

I lightly spray the surface, grab a microfiber cloth, and gently wipe.

What to do if your upholstery is microfiber or synthetic?

Again, the first thing you need to do is vacuum the surface.

If there are any stains on the upholstery mix four cups of warm water with 1/4 cup of liquid soap. Mix very well! Dip a cloth or a sponge in the solution and gently wipe the affected areas with it.

When you are done using the soapy mixture you need to make sure you rinse it. You can do that by soaking a cloth in water then wiping the entire upholstery with it.

Continue with using rubbing alcohol (if there aren’t any stains on your upholstery skip the steps I mentioned above and simply continue with the alcohol). I like to add my rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle so it’s easier to use. Spray the entire surface with the rubbing alcohol and allow to air dry. This will disinfect the fabric and will leave it germs-free!

How To Clean Leather Upholstery?

If your couch is made out of leather or you want to clean the leather seats of your car then keep on reading!

Mix white vinegar with olive oil in a spray bottle. Shake very well then spray the fabric with it. Grab a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface!

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