How To Have Spotless Glass Shower Doors At All Times?

DATE: January 12, 2021

AUTHOR: Joanne Graves

If you have glass shower doors then you know one thing – if they are dirty and covered in stains then your bathroom will never look organized and spotless. The state in which your shower doors are will determine the entire look and feel of your bathroom.

And since all of us want to have a nice clean looking bathroom I will show you exactly how to clean the glass shower doors – fast and easy!

How I Keep My Glass Shower Doors Crystal Clear At All Times?

I start off with preparing my cleaning detergent. Yes, I make it – I don’t use any commercial cleaners. I mix one part of distilled white vinegar with three parts of distilled water. I pour it in a spray bottle and add a few drops of my favourite essential oil – lavender. Of course, you can use whatever essential oil you prefer.

Then I spray my glass shower doors with the mixture and leave it for a few minutes.

Then it’s time to remove the vinegar and water. I usually grab a microfiber cloth and start wiping the glass doors. Once I am done I always leave the door open so that any moisture can evaporate and not cause any smudges or stains.

I also have a huge tip for you if you want your shower doors to always look spotless – wipe down the glass every time you are done showering. It won’t take you longer than 30 seconds but it will make a huge difference in how the glass looks.

By doing this you will reduce cleaning the doors to a minimum – and isn’t this something we all want?

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