How to Remove Sunscreen Stains From Your Favourite Carpet?

DATE: June 8, 2022

AUTHOR: Joanne Graves

As important as sunscreen is for our skin and preventing long-term damage, it’s really unpleasant when you accidentally drop some on your favourite carpet and you just sit there without any idea how to remove the stain. This is why I want to share how to remove it as fast and effective as possible without causing any damage to your favourite carpet!

How to Remove Sunscreen Stains From Your Favourite Carpet?

First thing you have to do is lift the sunscreen from the carpet – either do this with a spoon or with a dull knife. Of course, be gentle and careful not to press on the sunscreen and drive it further into the fabric. I know your first thought may be to grab a paper towel and start rubbing the area but this is very wrong and will cause further damage.

Now that you have removed the sunscreen residue, you have to treat the stain. I like to mix a teaspoon of liquid soap with a cup of warm water and then dip a cloth in there. Next, I treat the stain by gentle blotting the area.

Once you have done that, it’s time to rinse the area and actually remove the soapy residue. Again, dip a cloth in water and blot the area but don’t oversaturate it with water.

In case the stain is still present, I recommend you mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of cold water. Stir well then dip a paper towel in the mixture. Apply it to the affected area and blot gently. Leave the mixture for at least 15 minutes before you rinse it so it has time to work its magic and treat the stain.

And last – rinse the area once again and let it air-dry.

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